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Data Storage Wichita, KS

dataprotectionWichita 150x150 HomeData storage plays an extremely vital role for all business, regardless of whether or not they’re small-sized enterprises or high-profile firms. Preservation of mission-critical data is widely considered one of the most important tasks for a data storage solutions provider. Data backup technology has made giant strides around the past 10-15 years, which advanced from the floppy disks and CDs, to USB pen drives, to very difficult drives. As in most other cities, Data Storage Wichita has also come a long way. Corporations are constantly striving to come up with new and revolutionary technologies to preserve data.

For any business size, you’ll be able to get complete data backup with Sterling Data Storage Wichita. Online data storage  has never been easier.  That’s a good thing, because in today’s technological atmosphere it is more essential than ever. With security risks at an all-time high, all businesses must protect their data to stop corruption or loss, either on account of an unforeseen software program glitch or computer hardware failure. The days of searching in vain to locate a suitable storage business – one with the necessary information and experience – are thankfully over. The specialists at Sterling Data Storage are totally trained and familiar with the requirements of a modern business.

Key features of Sterling Data Storage Wichita

With Sterling’s instant backup and restore solutions, your multi-office operations will onlinebackupWichita 300x224 Homeinstantly be synchronized for offsite storing to secure your critical data. Our search engine is indexed to the server software, which allows for the area of your specific files in the fastest time. Key features include: encrypted and compressed source/rest file storage, true open and locked file assistance, mailbox restore, CPU and bandwidth throttling, and customizable policies for backup sets. We recognize your needs for adhering to best business practices,  meeting government specifications for documented records, and helping you to fulfill your compliance needs. We strive to be the major firm for providing data storage in Wichita.

Your Wichita Business Continuity Experts

Don’t forget that considerable time, cost, and manpower are needed to recover your important information that might be lost as a result of a number of possible glitches. If your hard disk crashes, laptop or base station is stolen, a completely new virus arrives, an individual unintentionally deletes a file, a fire or earthquake occurs, your discs are lost or disappear, then your business will recover from the disaster with confidence. In reality, there will not be any hitches in starting over, as all the information will be secure, just ready to be used. Sterling Data Storage provides that degree of confidence with its’ enterprise level software program, hardware, and Tier4 SAS-70, and secure state-of-the-art data center. Regardless of the kind and size of data, we assure world-class offsite data backup in Wichita at the best of budgets.

To be able to respond to an unknown human error and natural disaster, you need a trustworthy data archiving system.  We are your solution. That’s why for data storage, choose the most dependable and state-of-the-art services of Sterling Data Storage Wichita.